Elliott Smith

Elliott SmithElliott Smith is probably one of the best unknown Indie artist. I’ve been listening to all of his songs for years without knowing who he is or what he even looks like. I like all kinds of music, but there are something about his songs that I feel connected about. I listen to him not because I dont like mainstream music, but because I like something that is more real, honest and personal. The lyrics are emotionally driven and the vocals have very distinct whispery feel. He sings the song on his albums with such honesty and such force that no amount of screaming could compare. I could probably babble on how brilliant this guy is, but he either speaks to you or not.  He played for the band Heatmiser for several years and went solo in 1994 on independent records labels. After 3 years, he got his first big break, Miss Misery as one of  track for the movie Good Will Hunting. He had a rocky childhood that followed him throughout his life. He battled alcohol, depression and addiction which he made a lot of  references on his  lyrics. The songs gives us a peek into the beautifully talented, but deeply troubled mind of Elliott Smith Elliott Smith Memorial at Audio Solutionshis death was sort of a mystery some says it was suicide others think that he was killed. It’s pretty depressing end for somebody with such an amazing talent. There is a memorial dedicated to Elliott Smith after he passed away outside Audio Solutions. The site at which the cover of the Figure 8 album was shot.  Why do I think he’s  one of the best Indie artist? It’s because most of his songs are used as soundtracks that makes good movies great ones!