I really love this new application CodeKit. It’s a nice simple application and it is an OS X application that facilitates front-end web development. I listed the features below.

  • Automatically compile LESS, SASS, Stylus, Jade, HAML, Slim, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, and Compass files upon save.
  • Optimize images
  • Live browser reloads
  • JSHint & JSLint
  • Combine and minify JavaScript & CoffeeScript files

Learn Git

Git is easy to learn, but its nice to have a cheat sheet if you are not familiar with the command line. There are many workflows you can use with git, but at the end of the day you need to understand how it works.

Using Bootstrap

Introducing BootstrapI think Bootstrap is a very cool framework. Bootstrap is an open source front-end library for creating websites and applications. It contains HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, navigation and user interface (UI) design, as well as optional Javascript extensions. I like it how they bundle FontAwesome, LESS or SASS with the framework. Overall, it makes software development so much easier and faster. I created my personal site using Bootstrap here.