Git (Software)


Git is an alternative to Subversion (SVN) that allows you to have a code repository in your local machine or on the web. After using Git, I think that it is probably the best distributed revision control system out on the market. It is very easy to learn and you can tailor how to use it based on your workflow. I actually prefer the command line (CLI), better than the GUI version, because I find it easier to use. There are plenty of Git GUI out there if you don’t want to use the CLI. Git is definitely a must if you are programming!


If you want to make a website, I definitely recommend learning how to do computer programming. I learned how to do object oriented programming in Java, but I really recommend Python if you are just starting to learn how to program. It’s one of the most easiest programming language to learn. I found this cool infographics about the history of programming. Enjoy!



MAMP is one of the most useful open source software that I have ever used when programming in PHP. It’s an environment used to emulate webserver for testing websites or other software deployed on the web. It’s very useful when customizing an open source software, designing websites and creating templates for different Content Management Systems etc. MAMP refers to 4 different software bundled together in one to display a dynamic website. MAMP is an acronym for Mac OS X (operating system), Apache (web server), MySQL (back end database for storing data), and Php (programming language). It’s multi-platform and there are other versions such as LAMP for Linux or WAMP for Windows. There are many advantages of using this software first its convenient, easy to set up and  low cost. OS X actually has a built in PHP and Apache on the core, but personally  I’d rather not set things up using command line and its a lot easier to manage things using the GUI when you start moving files. MAMP is a sandbox where I can play or do whatever I want without affecting my own system. Overall, MAMP is a great learning tool for people who wants to learn software development