Atom (Code Editor)

I’ve been looking for an awesome code editor on OS X and I finally found it. I like Coda, Espresso and Sublime Text, but they are all expensive. I’ve been using Atom for over a year now and I think Atom is one of the best code/text editor on Linux, Windows or Mac. Atom (Text Editor)

Plex TV

Plex TVI’ve been using Plex TV and Network Attached Storage (NAS Drive) for a few months now as a media center and a storage device. The setup was fairly easy and you don’t really need a dedicated NAS drive to make it work. You just need a decent PC and a high capacity hard drive to run Plex and store the files. I want to consolidate and back up my data at home, so I’ve been ripping bluray DVD‘s and storing it in the NAS drive. Plex is basically a media center where you can store videos, music, photos and an aggreator for online channels such as CW, YouTube or PBS.  I really recommend it for someone who wants a private cloud inside their home network.

Wearable Technology

I think that wearable technology is becoming more common as technology gets lighter and cheaper. Eventually, I think that it will be incorporated in our daily lives, our clothes and even health care. The iPhone already passively tracks down the number of steps you take a day. It’s great to have all this technology, but I hope companies put a big emphasis on securely storing the data collected by these devices and privacy implications to the public.