Travel in Light Speed

There is no better way to grasp the enormity of space than hitching a ride on a photon from the Sun. Just let the sheer vastness of our universe sink in.

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The Scale of the Universe

Scale of the UniverseThis is a pretty cool website that went viral year’s ago. It was created by Cary Huang, a 14-year-old ninth grader from Moraga, California with technical help from his twin brother Michael. The website is called “Scale of the Universe 2”. Enjoy!


I think VICE (Magazine) is probably one of the best news/media company you’ll find online. They cover bizarre topics that most mainstream media can’t do ranging from taboo to just plain weird. I’ve been watching their documentary and shows online for a while now and found out recently that HBO picked up a few of their episodes. Check out their YouTube channel. Enjoy!