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Why Drinking Bottled Water is Dumb?

Bottled water disappeared for a while but thanks to smart marketing campaign it came back in the early 90’s. It’s kinda funny how companies can sell you something that is suppose to be free. In the U.S., bottled water cost between $ 0.25- $ 2 per bottle while tap water cost less than $ 0.01.

The reason why people buy their bottled water is because they think tap water is not as clean and safe. The reason behind it is that even though the source of the tap water is clean the distribution pipes might be old. In reality, buying these bottles add to 1.5 million tons of plastic each year. Plastic are non biodegradable so they don’t go away they just gets broken down to smaller pieces as fine as sand which eventually ends up in the ground water.

Nowadays, it’s really no excuse to buy bottled water when you can get reusable water bottle or even more something that includes a filter. I’ve been using Bobble not only it looks great! I’m actually doing something good for the environment.

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